Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's this lousy feeling..? :(

And no, it's not the weight factor.... lol.

I don't like it...
I don't like it at all :(

Well, Chinese New Year's gone... :(

Today, I went to Abdul Samad's Health Center for my dental appointment.
No, it was just a review of what's gonna happen, that's all.

I have a very weird case, says the dentist.
People usually have missing teeth on the upper row, very common.
I have them on the lower row and it's missing in the center which is rare.
Yes, I have missing teeth.
2 specifically.

They just never grew.

So, I'd have to do some gum surgery to operate on that
dunnowhatchacallit... yeah that thing.
Otherwise, even after getting my teeth all straight, that "connector" which always have a tension in the middle inside the lower lip will push the teeth apart,
making the same gap in the center which i have now.

Madonna has that gap in the upper row, see?
That's a common case.

Anyways, I'll also be pulling out two teeth.
Each behind each fang.. yeap, I've got 'em dracula teeth!

This whole process will carry on for about 6 weeks, starting next week.
First the separator, the pull out one each week, then braces, yeah....

And yeah, after that, dad let me drive the volvo!
Hahaa... trial lar.
He said he takes his hat off to all the driving agents who teach those students.
He can't do it he says, his heart was pumping so fast, he was so scared, LOL.
Oh well...

My friggin' new timetable for work has changed, and it's ugly :(

On the 12th of March, which is the very day we collect our SPM results...
I'm working.
Could anything get worse?
Noon shift though, I was on a FULL shift okay... 9.30AM - 11.30PM.
So nasib I could change, but I couldn't get the day off :(

Scared after being so overwhelmed by the results I don't do my cashier job properly,
Give out money pulak, dangerous kay....

Alrighty, I'm out!
Wanna get some sleep I lacked.
Back to work tomorrow.

.... I'm sorry dad.
It h
as been 3 years now.
You've only made me miss him more.
... and I can't help it.

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