Friday, March 23, 2007

Fall Out Boots - Holy Gothic Love

Yesterday was a combination of annoyance, pain and pure fun.
More on the fun part though.

About 9AM, dad sent me to Abdul Samad's Health Center for my dental appointments.
While waiting for my turn, guess who I saw coming out one of the dental rooms?
Alven Chan aka Damien the Overdresser.
Sighs, poor dude... had two of his teeth pulled out and I got to hold em.. *eww* they were in those transparent plastics lar.. lol.
He was in pure agony, believe me.

Anyways, it was the day I put on some separators.
Well, separators aren't meant to hurt really and they only take about 5 minutes to put them on.
Not in my case I guess, lucky aren't I?
Why, why, why... sniff.

Sighs, I could tell that this doctor was a newbie... or more like, noob.
She took this plyer having this small rubber band stretched between the two ends and trying to force it in between the gaps of my teeth.

First, I kinda moved away...
"Adik, tahan ye...", she said as in asking my to 'bear with it'.
I said, "I can.. it's just that you're forcing your nails into my mouth inside".
"Ohh sorry, sorry, sorry..."

Secondly, I jerked with minor agnoy.
"Adik, tahan ye...", she said again asking me to endure the pain.
I said, "No, you're jabbing the plyer into my gum".
"Ohh sorry, sorry, sorry..."

FYI, jabbing plyers into patients gums aren't suppose to happen.
You're simply supposed to get those cute rubbers in between the teeth.

So, this supposedly 5 minutes process ended up being 30 minutes.
It could've been longer but thanks to the very brilliant nurse, it didn't.

Doctor asks nurse when I just sat down unto that chair.
"Where's the light?"
I'm like 'Omg..'. It was then I knew.

After 10 good minutes of trying to force those rubbers in between and never succeeded...
Doctor asks nurse, "Her teeth's contact is too tight, I can't get it in".
"Well...", said the brilliant guy nurse, "Floss her teeth".
Even while flossing my teeth I see blood, that proves how hard she was forcing those rubbers in earlier... 'help'.

Even after flossing my teeth, she only managed to jab one or two rubbers in...
There were SIX more to go.
Doctor asks nurses again, "Her teeth contact is too tight... I can't get the rubbers in even after flossing...".
"Well...", said the brilliant guy nurse without saying anymore, he took those small rubbers and inserted 2 flossing strings through and pulling each at its end.
"Now..", he said.. "Floss the rubbers in".

Oh, how brilliant! :D
He's such a genius!

Big BOO for noob doctor.

And after flossing all those rubbers in, I sat up spitting out a lot of blood.
Ohh fine, whatever.
But then looking into the mirror, I see both corners of my mouth sore as if someone frenched me real hard.
So I massaged my mouth in front of the doctor to show dissatisfaction.. hehe.

I thanked the nurse especially and left... finally.

What an inspiration to be a nurse..
I mean... look at them doctors, bleh.

* * * * * *

Dad came fetched me and went to the Bank Simpanan to get some pin number for my matriculation thingy.... next, the post office to mail it.
Sighs, my boots' sole was wearing off... :(

So I reached home, almost the entire soul was dettached from the boot.
Got freshened up and waited till it was 3.30PM and I left for Jusco to meet up with my beloved Michelle Wong.
Was also 'made' to dress up gothicly... ohh fine Michelle.

When I left dad's car... it was then I noticed that some other "boots" I wore before I left home [which are sis', lol] was falling apart!
Seriously, I meant literally!
I left trails wherever I went, my boots were actually falling apart... LOL.
So I decided to stay still at one spot, before those cleaners get me, lol.

Met Michelle at 4PM at center court and told her indirectly about what's going on, till we walked a lil' more and I affliated the situation to The Veronica's "When It All Falls Apart".
"I'm gonna save you from embarrassment, follow me", grabbing Michelle by the hand.
So I brought her to the toilet and I practically tear out my entire sole off my boots, [hey hey, wadda ya know.. it actually looked better!].
The soles crumbled into pieces like cake!
Seriously. I kept tearing huge chunks out.. like cake.
Black chocolate cake to be specific.

"Which gurlfriend of yours ever did this Michelle?"
"Uhh... none? You're the first"

"I'm honoured.." .... LAWL.

We couldn't stop laughing our guts out...
After tearing out everything under my boots, it was a nice chilly feeling underneath, like walking around at home?
Who gets to do that at Jusco?

So walked around laughing at whatever trails we saw lying on the ground, everywhere.. lol.

We Holy Gothics spent our day eating in KFC, sitting there talking and laughing for 3 hours plus straight [lol, a lot of catching up], walking around [but she complained that almost the whole Jusco was waving back at me LOL], and enjoying each other's company...
Yeap :) till it was 9PM.

Occupied Reject Shop's changing room with our trusted camera.
[ and no, no photoshopping for me kthxbye, lawl. Real pictures without modification are better than photoshopped ones. After all, they are REAL ]

Click on the [x] at the top right corner of this window if you cannot take what you are about to see. Pictures may be offensive, intimidating and may cause eye squinting, red eyes, tongues sticking out, swearing or perhaps even vomitting.
Other causes are only known depending on oneself.

Girls just wanna have fun :)

The Emo Awards:

Yeah, meet the poseurs.

So Chelle fetched me back and we hugggggeddddd and bid each other farewell.
We'll meet again soon :)

It was so nice seeing her again after so long...

gurlfriends for life! :D

* * * * * *

Right now, I'm at work... at the customer service counter.

Hmm, my teeth and mouth feels kinda sore right now...
Eating sessions are sorta unpleasant too, painful..
Can be confused if it's actually food or those rubbers in between... =/

The road to braces, ahh well.

Alright... back to calling customers to come collect their Popular Cards.
Toodeloos! :)

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