Friday, March 16, 2007

WandaFull Day... :)

Yes man... I felt the LURRVVE!
Oofff my heart! :D
[entry dedicated to the one and only beautiful Black Moria]

Happy Birthday Wanda!
My beloved relative... :)

Firstly, I have to say that I did an awful long post and everything was deleted.

Sighs... listening to Fall Out Boy's Infinity On High album somemore... -.-"

Wanda is Alven's 8th World Wanda in case you were wanda-ring...
How's Wanda now i wanda...
She's really wandafull :)

[ WARNING: Meet Wanda at own risk.. mwahahaa ;) If she doesn't like you, don't bother trying again. ]

After closing all my accounts, perfect and balanced.. again, *cehh*
Dad came over and he went to do some grocery shopping.

So, I was about to go over to the ladies to wash off the smell of cash I handled throughout the day.. and guess who'd come crossing paths?? :)


So happen just the day before yesterday, I left Wanda a birthday testi in her Friendster...
And I bumped into them on her birthday! :D
So they asked me to join them in celebration in Secret Recipe!

Timing couldn't be perfect enough...
They'd usually ask me to join them for dinner or lunch at the wrong time...
They'd leave before my lunch breaks or ask me after I got back from dinner... LOL.
But not yesterday, it was perfect :)
Plus, my day off was the next day which is today lar..
And dad let me go!
Wee... :)

FYI Wanda, Alven, Jess, Ben and Deryk:
My dad was in Secret Recipe and we didn't even know it!
For about half an hour before we left...

Wanda, you were right.

It's the LURRRVE here!

Highlights of the day:
1) Ben was too bored cause Jess was busy catching up with her friend [who also ditched her friend at the other table who turned to her handphone out of boredom], so he messed with the chilli sauce bottle, shaking it like some chinese praying joysticks, in my direction! and before I knew it...
I had chilli sauce all over me and my bag... -.-"
BEN... what did I ever do to you?? >.<

HEY BEN, you still owe me lunch kay...!
It'll be a lonely birthday for me this 12th of April, so you fulfill your promise :)

2) Alven's brilliant idea of blowing off all the candles before Wanda could..
The question however is still this, why did he have to blow off that one candle when he could just put it back into the cake...? LOL.
Plus putting the candles close to one another made the flames flare big, which was cool, hee :)
Happy Birthday Wanda! :D

3) Cutting the cake was just... well, we needed a lot of strength.
- Alven struggled.
- Wanda did better than Alven, by a lot.
- Deryk was shaking.
- Alven wow-ed at my strength... LOL.
Alven... you're weak.
Hahaa.. kidding bro, kidding... *huggs*
Girl power, rawr! ;)

We had a great time crapping, catching up, laughing... :)
The cake was so thick and compressed with chocolate, there was about half of the cake left...
Alven burnt a big hole in his wallet for the chocolate moist cake, including the meals and drinks.

Thank you Alven! So much... :)
Love y'all Ven and Wanda, my relatives... hahaa.

We had a great time.. I know I did.
You guys gave me good memories to bring to Singapore.
I'll miss y'all... :(
Love you guys bunches!

* * * * * *

PLUS, GOOOD PAY... [which I just found out after getting my first pay slip]

Please contact me.
Because since you guys are my friends, I can recommend, get it? ;)

And I've just received pics from Di Sheng when the Chow family came down to JB all the way from Ipoh, and the brothers came to Harris first to see me when they came to Jusco... awww.
Here... :)

The Chow Brothers... :)

Di Sheng.... awww :)
He's a really sweet guy.

And by the way, eventhough he showed off his bodybuilder pics to me with the solid six packs and all...
I must admit, he's really got a great body lar.

And I found this somewhere, look!

LAWL, not much difference eh?
Wahahaaaa.... XD

And Ezra Sin is going to PLKN aka NS tomorrow... :(
Aww, all the best bro!
Do take care k?
Just say this with me...
"My hair will grow back... My hair will grow back!"

Hahaa... :)

Alrighty, that's all for now!
Buhbye! :D

P.S: To all my buddies and friends, I'm missing all of you... where are you guys? :(


overdresser said...

Eh! the cake WAS a tough cut. You could do it best because of all that cashier-ing and therefore building up your strength. Dont argue wid me, I know best!! hur hur. Anyway thanks for coming!

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

. . . e.x.c.u.s.e.s.

'nuff said.

if not me, wanda still did better than you.
hur hur.

and by the way, cashier-ing DOES NOT build up my strength (:

yeap, perfect timing it was! (:
t'was my pleasure joining you guys.
love you guys!


you complete me :)