Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Moment Of Truth Arrives...

12th March 2006.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Melissa Yap is still conscious and breathing!

*big sigh of relief*
I've got rather good results in hand! :D

Ha, well it's not damn brilliant like many others but my results have proven many things and said unspoken words that made the people who'd never thought I'd make it, nod their heads in approval.
In each subject, I have improved greatly and I'm quite satisfied.
Yes, quite. LOL.

My results are nice except that it is once again and somewhat "dirosakkan" by an ugly grade.
Yes, it's ugly.
Well, for PMR I had 4A's, 2B's and 1C.
C's the ugly grade.

For this year...
I had.... 4A's, 2B's, 3C's and... 1D!
Guess what subject?

A - English, Malay, Maths, English Science & Technology.
B - Moral, History.
C - Biology, Chemistry, Additional Maths.
D - .... Physics.

Darn physics, grrr.

I don't blame myself though.
It sounds bad but it's true! :(
My teacher thought us 'zeuch' for the past 2 years!
Everyone could go for tuition, except me... this is plain unfair.
The only tuition I could afford was Add Maths, and that was it.
Sighs, oh well.

I called Madam Tan and thanked her for teaching me Add Maths in less than a year...
FYI, I never passed Add Maths in my life!
And people, I GOT A C!
Drastic improvement... and all she could say after congratulating me and thrilled over my achievement,
"No, it's not me... you were very hardworking, and you deserve it".
Aww.... :D

I often flunked my Bio... always gagal.
Chem was always borderline D or fail once in a while.
And I've got a Cs for both! COOL! :D
History was always C or D but it's a B now! :D
Improvement all round!

I'm really sad that I didn't get A for Moral though :(
Sighs, I was really hoping for 5A's at least...
Oh well.

It was nice seeing all my old school buddies again... :)
We had sweet memories in school.

After collecting my results, I had to go to work straight away, what a bummer.
I didn't even have a proper lunch, just bought buns and ate them hurriedly.
Was hungry till dinner at 6PM, lol.
And back to work again.

Oh! Ben, Jess, Hong, Wei Hao and umm, Hong's gf came visit me today!
Aww, so touched.. :)
We were conversing for 10minutes plus infront of the entrance... lawl?
I didn't know why I said what I said before I left, I made someone terlalu kembang-ed and Hong swear out loud. LOL... I was just umm, feeding sugar?
Hahaa, she's pretty lar... but I phrased myself wrongly, I take back what I said, many apologies.

Steph darling dropped by the day before...
But it was so busy that I couldn't get a chance to talk to her properly :(
Our hug wasn't even a good one! Sniff...
We could only stretch out our arms so far over the counter... :(
The customers gave me no chance... boo :(

Closed my accounts and my accounts are once more balanced and perfect, like it has been the past few days. Usually I'd be over or short a few cents, which is okay lar :)

There you have it, my results.
To dear friends, I'm really sorry that I can't reply y'all at all.
I've got only 1 cent left... lol.

Will go to school tomorrow for some taklimat of the matrikulasi thingy...
*just to play safe, lol*
So yeah, and I'm off tomorrow mar.

And now...
I shall go apply for the nursing course at Nanyang Poly online :)
Or Ngee Ann too just to play safe... again.

Come on, I'm keeping my options open, hehe.

Let God's will be done.

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