Sunday, March 25, 2007

Top POP Sellers Calls For A Celebration! :D

Kami memang terrer!
Harris AEON Tebrau City is the TOP Popular Card sellers in the ENTIRE Malaysia.
Damn geng.

And cards are sold if the cashiers are of... *ahem* great potential.
Alright, I'm braggin'.. fine.

Anyways, my company wants to give us ladies a treat :)
So all the cashiers [who are only ladies] and
our manager and supervisor [the only guys around] would be at this treat.

When we ended our night which was about 11.45PM... =.="
We could only go to one place which was better than mamak, Mickey D's.
Yeap, McKers aka McD or widely known as McDonalds lar... duh.
Since we were all next-door-neighbour-girls, we didn't mind and didn't expect high class fancy restaurants, bleh.
Mickey D's it was.

Bought what we wanted, expenses were all on our company anyway..
Only seem to be able to click better with these babes, Sheng Yu and Hui San.
Eventhough they speak mandrin most of the time... or all the time.
They're really nice, and we can laugh a lot..
I'm not that hopeless in my mandrin after all, LOL.

L to R : Hui San and Sheng Yu.
[ courtesy of Hui San's Nokia cell phone ]

We ended our meals with pictures..
I'll let them do the talking :)

I may be the baby of the company but I'm definitely not the smallest... lol.

Look at us ladies... you'd never know that we'd sell A LOT of cards!
Terrer siot..! XD
We topped ourselves in Malaysia okay, don't play play...

Heck the kids! It's our turn...?
Rare to find no kids playing here k... lol.

[WAHAAA, the managers and supervisors, "elder" people were so hesistant to enter when all the young girls crashed the playground to take the shot, they had no choice since majority ran there, lol]

Anyways, I reached home at about 1AM +++... *forgot, lol*
And I can't sleep, so here I am.
Will turn in soon though... it's about 4AM and I'm on the morning shift tomorrow, geez.

Okaaayyyy... I've been doing the FULL shift from morning to night today... and I'm tired.
My legs hardly had any rest.
So, I shall turn in now.



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