Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fun Moments Revived Once More...

... i likka playstationtwo..? XD

Lol, anyways... yesterday, us ex-form 5s had to go for some taklimat about the UPU form we applied for.. so yeah.

After the taklimat, us besties : Dan, Brad, Anan T, Anan N and myself crashed at Danny Boy's place, yay! :D

Love ya Danny Boy! :D
[ bad shot, credit goes to Bradley Michael.. bleh ]

We had fun playing, laughing, crapping... those fun times revived once more.
I never laughed with them like that in a looonnnnggg time :)
It was nice.

So there we were...
Getting wasted... mwahahaa.
We like it.

Esther and I got bored cause the selfish dunggus don't lemme play... :(
So.... *takes cam* lawl.

You've gotta love Esther... :)
The sweetest and sorta-whacky gurl you'll ever meet..
I love her!

Inmate : Ananthan T
Hate him or love him.
In my case, both.
Lol.. mwaaahhs! :)

Brado, Danny Boy and I have been classmates ever since
I came to JB in primary 6 till secondary 5! :)
6 years in a row okay...
Love you guys truckloads!

After the guys left, I stayed on at Dan's place and play PS2!
*snatches game console*
Mwahahaaa... until 6.30PM.

Until aunty had to say, "Come Mel, I fetch you back..."
*feels bad*

Haa, mum complained that all my best friends are all guys.
I told her that that's not true, cause I've got Sue, Nette and my other gurlfriends...
She said that she meant school.
Aww, that's true though.. hmm.

Hey, perhaps I click better with the english speaking peeps wert..
And so happen, they're all guys in my school! :D

Us slackers reunite!

Had a great time...
Will miss them when they're all gone... :(

I'll kick your butts if y'all don't keep close in touch...
I mean it... grrr :)

P.S : GUYS! We've gotta go out this Friday! PLEASE! Plan, plan, plan!

* * * * * *

Work today was great, yeah perfect accounts again :)
Exceot the fact that I have been having bad headaches during work... :(
Usually we just well, stand a lot.
Like.. the whole day.

This is the second day where I really feel like I'm going to faint, lol... WHY??!
My entire world would spin for a while... feeling giddy and all... and it comes a few times.
Sighs, it's not good I know.. sighs, whatever lar.

SNIFF, Wanda and Alven came today and I didn't get a chance to even talk to them! :(
Sighs, I missed you guys! But it was nice seeing y'all again... :)
And guess what Wanda? LOL, guess who came after you? :D

Yeaps.. :)

It's my first time meeting her really, she's nice! :D
She came to my counter with a cheerful "Hi!", started observing me
and suddenly said, "You're Mel right?"
I wasn't too sure how to react, it was then I knew it was Macy! :D
At first I was still so blurr, I thought it was just another customer.. lol.
Until I noticed that she was so familiar that it rang bells but the ringing wasn't getting across my giddy head... uggh.

She was lamenting on how she kept hearing about me but never knew who I was...
My friends around her who are her relatives, family and friends like Li Quin=sister; Wanda, Yen Fah and Jackson=cousins and other friends seemed to mention about me a lot....
"Mel this, Mel that.. Mel, Mel, Mel... I'm like, 'Who's Mel??", she said. LOL.

We finally met, it was short and sweet :)
I wanna get a haircut from her one day..
Heee :)

Victor and Priscilla came today too!
Again, couldn't talk to them much... :(
The customers have been coming in a lot since the school holidays started, ah well.

Alrighty, I'm working the morning shift tomorrow...
Need my sleep.

Goodnight... :)

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