Saturday, February 03, 2007

Singapore VS Thailand

What a joke.

Every 5 minutes or so, you'd see the Thais rolling all over the field.
Benson said, "whimps"... XD
Couldn't stop laughing throughout the match..

Personally, I felt that Thai was really childish.
Where's the sportmanship?
Friggin' play the game lar!

Anyways, it really did make some sense that the Thai player - Niweat Siriwong, pulled Nor Alam Shah down backwards. The camera angles showed it very convincingly.
They deserved the penalty but they walk off pulak.

Unnecessary and lame drama.
Kena pujuk pujuk... retire lar.

Bebudak paling bu shuang.
Thai coach.
[hey, the dude at the back looks like Jonathan Leong!
Singapore Idol 1st runner-up! LOL

Malaysian referee pulak dibuli player-player Thai.

Decision final lar, live with it.
Cari pasal pulak.

After they returned unto the field with much persuasion..
[which caused the news at 9.30PM to broadcast at 10.15PM and American Idol to be delayed]
Singapore scored the goal anyway... padan.
All thanks to the ang-moh who's called Mustafic Furhanuddin!
Yeah, I know what you're thinking... I was surprised too, lol.

Singapore VS Thailand : 2 - 1.

Yay for Singapore...
I'll catch the 2nd leg, it'll be interesting.
Thailand totally loathes Singapore now cause well, they played rather aggresively.
Okay fine, very.
And they're going to Thailand for the next match, wee! :D
Wonder how the crowd would be like....

* * * * *

After punching in, the beginning of my day at work was me realizing I forgotten my locker key, which was at home.
My lunch break at 2PM are always lonesome, wanna join me? :D lol..
Then the rest of the day was okay...

Tired though.

Will do my morning shift again tomorrow.
Off on Sunday for this week but I've gotta follow the timetable they set for me starting next week.
Oh well.

Took the bus back today...
Parents were so worried, lol cause dad's in KL, mum can't drive..
So after getting the bus, reached my taman's stop, walk another kilometer,
I reached home at about 7.45PM.
I think I'll need to take the bus to work too, so gotta wake up early.
Don't wanna miss it and get to work late.

On my way back, was quiet and dark lar, was quite worried when a Proton Wira stopped and let down 2 malay men who walked fast to catch up with me
and start being a those typical kacau-ers lar...
Maybe they're playing with me or something, whatever.
I don't wanna risk it, so I walk fast too.
I'm alone mar... a lil scary k.
Won't want anything to happen to me.. :(

Okay lar....
It's almost 2AM.
I need my rest.
Working tomorrow and need to catch the bus, early.

Goodnight! :)

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