Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day...?

Sad... isn't it?

Some human beings tend to express their feelings through drawings... art.
Children expresses it on drawings blocks with crayons, colour pencils or magic-coloured pens.
Great legends like Picasso and Leonardo Da Vincci did more ellaborated paintings using various types of artistic equipments on canvas, sculpture, etc..

Cashiers like me....
Expresses them on receipt notes with normal ball-pens used
to sign receipts through credit card payment.

The result of the picture above and below is when a cashier's too bored at their counter...
But yet, that picture still says a lot eh?
Hahaa.... *lalalalalaa*

Sighs, Valentine's Day was a lonely one for me... as always.
After finishing my job, I was told that dad's still in Singapore so I'll have to wait,
cause mum doesn't allow me taking the bus home.
So, I had to wait.

It was pure torment for me.
Simply because the entire Tebrau City was filled with couples, chocolates and roses.
Need I say more?

Yi Ping, my colleague, is the only one I had lunch with so far.
Actually, I prefer my lunch breaks alone, lol.
She's really nice lar...
We've got a lot of similiarities, but she just can't say my name right :(
Often called "Ma-lay-sia", ugh.
My job's good, I've been having perfect accounts which is very good.
So bangga, hehe.

Sighs, at least I received nothing for Valentine's..
My guy colleague who've been staring at me
[yes, the one who kinda freaked me out],
secretly came to my counter and gave me a chocolate! :D
Aww, how sweet :) but... too bad lar.
Then 2 Crispy chocs from my gf Hui San,
also my colleague from the cashier line too :)

Hey, we had florists coming through the entrance sending flowers to some of the staff in Harris..
So sweet lar their boyfriends/hubbies, lol.
Sniff.... where was mine? :(

Anyways before the lonesome 14th of February,
had lovely visits beautiful people I know and love! :D

Alven and Wanda a few days before... with a huge discovery I never knew!
OMG, Alven we're gonna be related!
How odd! LOL... XD
Hahaa, no larr... love ya Alven! :)

Visits also from Ann and Von right in the morning!
Jess, Ann and I planned to go looking for Valentine gifts for their beloved people,
so I thought of tagging along since I'd be having my break.
Aww, Ben... you're so lucky lar :D
Ann and I were saying that we don't even spend that kind of money to smell soooo good.

Yes, we were at the Body Shop and helped Jess in her decision after walking around a while.
FYI, Italliannies had such a romantic setting, beautiful.
Also the first time I met Ann's dear, Eric.
Met him on ModBlog first actually, lol.
Whatever ModBlog, I love Blogspot :)

Felt so sad that I couldn't spend more time with Ann and Jess, we all had our own schedules,
and I had to go back to work.

*clears throat*
No, I did not have any mirror with me in case you're wondering.
I just imagined myself.
Sama tak?

* * * * *

I got back from driving school earlier.
It was such a hustle this morning because
I TOTALLY forgotten that I had to go to Berjaya today!
Mr. Kee was honking outside when I was about to get dressed!
DANG - how teruk.

And to my pleasant surprise, Sue also did her practical lessons today!
So Dan, Sue and I got to be together through the whole process today :D
We're lucky this time, dunno about the next time.

Hahaa, my first time driving for real, on the circuit lar.
My agent said that I was better than he expected, it's good :)
I'm slightly a better driver than Dan, mwahahahaaa.... XD
Sue got to drive on the roads today, which is great!
She drives so well :)

Besties forever!

Melissa's out!
God bless...


-stephaniie- said...

awwww hun, i spent the whole vday alone at hm k! ):

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

we're both lonely babes hun, sniffx...

there there...
*huggs tight*
i feel ya... ):


you complete me :)