Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tahniah, anda telah lulus menduduki Undang!

Yeah baby!
Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh....

Ohhh man! So happy lar! :D
I was studying till 2AM+ though.... lol.
Well, I personally felt so insecured cause I've been working my @$$ off till I've got no time to study. So studied lorr...
Never knew I'd only get 3 mistakes! LOL... XD

Omg, I was so worn off that I woke up late and Mr. Kee was on his way to pick me at 8AM!
Quickly got ready and I the minute I got dressed, he started honking outside already, damn.
I ran downstairs, gulped down my cup of milo and off I ran outta the door.
I didn't even see the sandwiches mum prepared for me, sniff... :(
Sorry mum..

Ended up wearing my socks in Mr. Kee's car, tak sempat mar.
We got Daniel and we were off to Rilek, Perling.

Wakakaakaaa.... XD

It's rather ironic that the place we sit for our Undangs was called RILEK.
I was so friggin' scared lar, seriously!
Ask Daniel, I was so nervous... I wanted to barf, ROFLMAO.
I had an empty stomach also, lol... so it didn't really help.

Dan got number 44, lol super ironic.
Chinese means "die die".
Wahahaaaa... XD

And when I went to their pathetic toilet, look what's the first thing you'll see...

Picture courtesy of Alven.

But to cut it all short, we both passed, so did Alven and Sue! :D
Danny Boy 86% ; Alven 88% ; Sue sat for it earlier, 90%.
Yay... lol.

Will go for my theory again this Thursday which is my only off day.
Will be working tomorrow so no church, sniff.
Will not be joining rest of family who will be off to KL for Chinese New Year and own themselves many angpaus... sniff.

My beloved siblings...
Benson, Celine and Benroy.

* * * * *

My job as a cashier has kicked up a notch in responsibility wise.
I now have my own post, so whatever happens to the money, I'm responsible.
Yes, finally handling it on my own after less than a week, wee... :)

While working yesterday, Jessica came visit me in Harris! :D
Haahaa, was soooo nice to see her again!
But after my job was done, I went to the supermarket cause dad asked me to look for him there.
Bumped into Jess again!
LOL, poor gurl really... She was there for like soooo long!
She was like saying she wanna die already, lol.
We ended up going to the same counter *bump into each other again* LOL.

Ann and Von came too! :D
Hahaa... thanks to me, Ann managed to find something really 'shweeeet' for her darling... ;)
It was also then I discovered that the Ong sisters weren't in 2 digits only but 4!
Plus a brother, FIVE!
Goodness me, their jie jie 'veli hawt' kays.. lol.

Ooh yeah, after work while going outta Jusco, I couldn't help but notice THIS...
Tell me what you think.

Wright Orchestra..?
Hmm... let's go upclose.

WTH! My clone??
What the toot am I doing in this chinese orchestra??

Mmm, that's about it :)

Oh wait!
Sighs.... lemme tell all my buddies here arrr...
If you guys see me, PLEASE SAY HI.
Janganlah go away and then come to my blog saying you saw me... sniffx! :(
Okay? *huggs*

Sighs, sis went out with friends to watch Death Note 2 - The Last Name.
Oh yeah, you guys should see her... she's dressing up more 'ah lian-ish'.
Daddy said, "Birds of the same feather flock together".
*shakes head* I'm sooo... speechless, lol.
Anyways, so saaaddd lar! I sooooo wanna watch it!
Someone wanna bring me? :)

Talking about sis... I was so caught up with work that I didn't know this was happening in my very own taman!
A copy of this entry from sis' blog, check this out, freaky man!

* * * * * *
Hey..Lots been Happening..Haha..
Weird stuffs..xD...Anyhow...
Like..Got Some Results already..
HAPPY WIT EM!!! except sejarah though..
No A..=/ Nvm..I shall work harder! wahahha!
So far everything got A except for Sejarah..
So yesh..Mush work Harder! Yay!
hahahaha...Ceehh..I like so hyper now wey..
It must be the chocolates..Hahahahah...=D!!!!

Besides school!
Ahha..Let me tell u a true story..

There's this guy..who have HIV..
like HIV as in the sickness..
Then he Crazy alrdy..So he like stole a lorry..then he came to my Taman..
Then he went to the Factories area..Where my dad works..
And took dunno iron rod or sumthing else..whtever it was..
and started smashing all the cars there..

Then near the factory area is a Police Station.
Near the Police Station is one Traffic Light.
That Crazy Fella stood at the traffic light and started smashing any car that was at the traffic light...I dunno he use lorry or wht to smash..whtever...
all I know was that he was smashing all the cars that came by..

So FINALLY the Police there saw and then they started to chase him..
So he drove the lorry sumwhere near my hse area there..
then he saw this Indonesian guy..He was sweeping the floor..Because thats his JoB. Then this MAD fella..Drove right and him..And Bang him.

That poor Indonesian guy flew over a dunno how many feet wall and fell down there. His brains and head and everything was like a total Gone Case.
Smashed,Squished up. Aihs..
That poor innocent guy..

So anyways..The Police got to catch him and now dunno what happen to him...Hmms...TV3 came here to interview people..

Hehs..My taman is a corrupted place man..
Well..Most of the people here are corrupted..
Blarh..This area is like..Filled with..
Bad People and crimes and all..
A very Black Area..And its famous..
Famous for the wrong reason..Hehs..
Weird things happens around here..
ALOT! lolx..

Last month got ppl kena murder
at the CC behind my hse..Now this..
Swtss...Alright..I should go bathe!
Ta~! Hugs! <3 Y'all!

* * * * * *

People, this is true...
My area is freaking corrupted.
It's actually blacklisted, great.
Sighs... :(
Oh well.

Aww... Just had a video call with Daniel Raj in Russia...
He wanted to show me the snow outside but it was too bright... :(
Miss him very much...

Aww, he's still keeping the cross I gave his before he left...
It has travelled through Thailand and to Russia :)

Love this dude, a very good friend...
Love ya Dan! :D

Alrighty, Mel's out!
God bless y'all... :)

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