Sunday, August 24, 2008

SDJ Librarians Year End Jamuan.

Anything but ordinary librarians.

Trust me when I say this.
We're no ordinary librarians.
The amount of work that we do is equivalent to a REAL secretary or more.
Definitely not fun, but I still wonder why I persevered till this point.
LOL - serious hard work that goes outta your way, really.

But, why did I stay?
Perhaps, I just wanted to finish what I was doing?

And then, they had some Best Dressed competition....

Now, who would've thunk it?

Two besties end up sapu-ing both titles.
I must tell you that I didn't really fancy wearing that crown.
And they FORBID us to take them off until we stepped out of the hotel.


Our teacher, Puan Foziah, who made us WORK IT.
Literally, I mean, damn hard work.
Man, I tell you... this woman can really give us work lar.
Hahaa, but I can't deny that whatever she did, it built us up and strengthened our characters lar.

Thank you teacher :)

* * * * * *

Rushed to band practice right after this event.
Got caught in the rain...
Had glitter everywhere due to that sash and crown, urgggh.
Thank goodness my glittery dress blend in very well, lol.

Zinvi wasn't around, so I have to worship lead and play the bass guitar at the same time tomorrow.
I'm losing my voice.
Hope it comes back tomorrow :(

And right after that, rushed to Jusco Tebrau to watch "Meet Dave".
Cause BB already bought us the tickets.

Today was just too hasty for me.
Not something I enjoy definitely.
But ahhh, it's alright.

* * * * * *

OMG larrr.
The holidays end tomorrow!

*bangs clock on desk repeatedly*
What's wrong with YOUUUU??!!


%$#@ ! .

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