Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back from KL, back to school.

Mel's back.
Alright, sumin and everybody else wants updates already!

The EMERGE Conference was really awesome :D
You guys should've been there, a great conference indeed!

They had 82 great competitions!
The Parade of Schools [cheerleading], Manhunt, Beauty Pagaent, The Fastest Talker, Spelling Bee, Arm Wrestling, Word Power, Talentime, all kinds of sports and so much more.

Many were truly blessed for those 3 days.

Guess who's that? LOL.
My sister lar, duh.
Yeah, we went down to support her :)

Actually I won't upload so much.
For the rest of the story and pics, check out her blog itself!

But I have to give the props to these guys lar.
They were very good, kudos! :D

I thought she was Lindsay Lohan at first, lol.
Well she's not, lol.
I love her voice by the way! :)

And that's her gorgeous brother, yes.. lol.

Yes, the cultural mandate being introduced to Malaysia.

Bobo was there too :)
Yes, the famous Bobo!
She was telling us why and how she accepted Christ through her life's struggle.

Know him? From the recent move, Kung Fu Dunk?
Liu Geng Hong was so touched by God that he even started to expand the ministry in Taiwan together with his wife, Miss Taiwan. They managed to start and run 70 schools in Taiwan.

This is Liu Geng Hong and Amei's manager.
She suffered from depression and came to know the Lord.
Now, she's living a more fruitful and transformed life.

Mum with Bobo.
She was so happy, lol.

Liu Geng Hong with his wife, Miss Taiwan and mum.

My product, lol.
Took time to go there so so early to braid her hair, tie it up, glitters, hairsprays, green dye, ribbons and so on.

And by the way, anyone knows of the Korean Drama "Full House"?
Actually, I didn't know either, lol.
Never watched it. BUT.

Aunt brought me to a Full House shop where they have the settings from the drama itself.
I find it pretty cool, check out the album with Aunt Nicole.
It's very beautiful actually, hahaa.

Only in KL :)

We celebrated Benroy's birthday in KL too on the 1st of the month.

Big Apple birthday donuts!
Creative leh.... hehee. I know I'm terrer, lol.

Chocolate cheese cake :)
He's now thirteen.

Forcing grandma to act cute, HILARIOUS... xD
We love our family.

Anyways, i just got back from KL this morning.
And yeah, I had to get up at 6.00am again to get ready for school.
What a bummer.

So, here are the photo albums uploaded in Facebook!
I'm so sorry but I'm just too lazy to upload them here one by one.
As if my page doesn't lag enough already.

EMERGE 2008 [I]

EMERGE 2008 [II]

A Day Out With Aunt Nicole

Benroy's Birthday

Melissa Yap.


ezra said...

Aww man, I wish I could have been there but I'm on my internship now. D=

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

awww, yeah you missed it!
but hey it's okay :)
next time i suppose? hahaa.


you complete me :)