Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dear Lord, don't I need to study..?

Mel got white hair???!

My sweetest darling had to spot 2 golden strands of hair on my head.
Literally gold, white and brown....

This is the first time I've ever seen dying hair on my head.
It is.... saddening.

I'm getting old.
Very old.
And I'm only nineteen to begin with :(

* * * * * *

I dunno if so much is happening too fast.

Last Friday, I agreed to enter a bowling competition, district level, among form six students only. We competed at Skudai Parade, where everything sucked - the lanes and the house balls especially.

So, we reached there at 2.30pm.
But of course due to Malaysian time, nothing is ever punctual.
My schoolmates and I got ourselves ready by selecting a suitable houseball respectively.
After such a difficult time, we chose balls that we could bear with.

Most of them had major holes in them, the finger holes were too far apart or damn small.
I found two 11pound balls that were just alright.
So we gathered our balls and took care of it placing them at a rack where we can watch them.

Everything started only at 3.30pm.
The minute they opened the lanes for trial throws, I went to my lane to get my ball....
And it was GONE.

What now??

I took any ball that was available and gave some warm up throws.
Damn, none of them fit.
I was throwing into the drains, miserably, cause the houseballs got stuck with my fingers.
This would be like, bowler suicide.

SO, I went around searching for another ball.
I couldn't find any! :(
Until I came across a 12pound black ball.
It was heavy, the holes were jaggered and slightly big, making it difficult to grip - they don't fit like gloves, but I don't have any other options. Whatever, I'm screwed.

We played 3 games.
With every throw, I was suffering a great deal of agony.

My thumb swelled up like a retarded sausage.
It was so painful.... but I was trying my bestest to do very well with every throw I got.
I kept my focus, pretty much.

The lane next to me, had a SUKMA player who hailed from SAB...
Where she had 6 strikes in a row.
Damn - I couldn't help but applaud for her.
I felt so malu, lol.

In the end of the day... I kinda did pretty well.
Better than I expected actually.
With 3 games, I had a total of 393 marks.
First game, 147 marks. Second and third, I forgot, lol.
Where the SUKMA player had about 416 marks for two games I think.
She's really good :)

And dudes and dudettes...
I got SECOND place.


The SUKMA girl and I are gonna represent the district of Johor Bahru in Kluang.
This was really unexpected.

When I found out about the date.
It was even more shocking.
My National Debate, KL is from the 13-15 August.
The Bowling Johor Level Competition, Kluang, 16 August.

My teacher got worried for me.
She said that I'd be very tired.
But hey, this opportunity don't come around often.
I'll just do it... it's the last time I'm going to anyways.

So, I guess.... my studies macam betul-betul "bo liao", lol?
Yeah yeah, I know it shouldn't be an excuse, which is why I'm still pushing myself really hard in my studes okay. I'm not giving up.... at least, not yet.

* * * * * *

And hey!
My entire day on Monday was surprising when a few students randomly approached me and it went something like this...

"Mel, you entered My Starz LG is it??"
"Urrrm, yeah... how you know? Lol, I don't remember telling you..."
"I saw you on TV! Hahaa... you looked so sweet...
xD "

Hey, I didn't add in that last part, LOL.
They said it! xD

Apparently, last Sunday at 12.30, an entertainment-update show called "My Melody" on TV3 rolled in a preview of the auditions that took place. And so, that's how my friends saw me... lol. So now, the whole school knows. They said that the camera focused on me for about 3 times... according to them. But they said there were no shots of me singing.

LOL, thank goodness!

Seriously, I had no intentions to tell my school lar...
Only my close classmates knew about it.
Kerana, malu nanti bila tak dapat.

And dad found the video clip online, and saved an image for me.
It's nothing much really.

Nasib baik I lost weight before entering this show.

Want to see it too?
Here's the link.
To save you time,
Go to part 4 starting from 6:00 to 7:15

I need to practice with my debate.
And hopefully some time to practice my bowling skills.

Wuwuwuwuuu... -.-


you complete me :)