Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Reunion Getaway

Yes, I'm finally posting up the Chinese New Year entry.
Sorry for the delay.
So, here it is! :D

What a nice day to travel back to KL.

Hahaa, what do you know?
No jam! :D

Oooh, here we are! :D

Hahaa, sis used to say this when we were younger...
"As long as you don't see the KLCC, you're NOT in KL".

Eventhough we were in KL, she'd refuse to believe it unless she sees these two skyscrapers.


It's time to go visiting.

And Beng-eey's the first! :D

So nice... :D

Take two.

The adults.
Man, they can talk for hours!
Hahaa, I tell you... You'll love Beng's dad's laughter.
His frequency's like.... *waves hand up in the air frantically*

Tsk. Apple, apple, apple...
Why aren't you the one in red?
Perhaps you wanted to show your insides this time.
We make a great combination! :D

The Love Family.

Yes, it's Kambing a.ka. Monyet!
Hahaa, oyy, only I can call her that kay... ;)
She's so dark already.... hahaa.

But I still love her :)

Gaahh, my top's flying!
And they're acting cute, LOL.

My beloved cousin, Mun Yi.
We're in pink! :D

Kah May just wanna be Supergirl - inspired by Beng.
We watched CJ7 and had a great time.

Then we visited Goh Chik Kong :)

Chilling :)

Then we visited Dim Poh :)
My pretty cousins, Roxanne and Joanne!

The cousinhood.

Apparently, Wai Hong's room is our annual hangout in the house.

My leng zhai cousins, the brothers - Wai Kuen and Wai Hong.

The next day, we visited mum's side at Aunt Maria's.
The cousinhood.

Cells, Sharon, Mel and Roselyn.

And later at night, we had "loh sang" :)
The "kids" table.

The adults table.

We also celebrated Ken Boy's birthday :)

My close cousin, Calvin Choo Kok Yew.
We practically grew up together from babies till we went to school together :)

We love our grandma! :D

Then we had to leave KL for JB once more.
The trip back was too short.

Nice sky.
No jam too. Thank God :)

That would be all.
Big sighs.

Besos por you!
Ciao ;)

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