Thursday, February 14, 2008

Voluminous Valentine's :)

Haha, my previous couple of days have been constantly affected by flu, sorethroat, coughs...
I even had fever yesterday...
My body's practically shutting itself down on me.
To be honest, I'm not exactly being a valetudinarian either, hahaa.

I blame myself for not taking good care of my health...
Just like dad said :)
Didn't doze off as much as I used to in Chem tuition earlier though, hahaa.

Here I am to wish everyone out there Happy Valentine's Day! :D
A huge "I LOVE YOU" is specially dedicated to my dearest family and friends.
And of course, an extra special dedication would go out to that one man I want to be with, live with, share everything with, give my heart to, and head on for forever with... wherever you are.
You guys mean the world to me :)

Also a very big thank you for the sweet smses, chocolates and gifts :)
I can't thank you guys enough for making my day.

Will be going out for a movie later to watch CJ7 [again!]
with Benson, Jackson and Hin Loong.
Can't wait :)

I promise I'll post the CNY trip to KL soon!
Hardly came on to blog as you can see my absence of a week plus, lol.

Once again, Happy Valentine's ;)

Can't you tell how much she needs him?

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