Saturday, February 16, 2008

RAWRR!... xD

Haahaaa... so much has happened in such a short span of time, I feel so giggly about it! XD
So let me start with the Valentine's movie.

Ben, Jackson, Hin Loong and I watched CJ7, cause we had free passes.
Apparently all of us were watching the movie for the second time except for Hin Loong, which was his first time for CJ7.
Yeah, I know, big sighs.
Wanted to watch Jumper, but we didn't wanna waste the free passes wert... hmmmph.

Was really happy cause I got to see Jack and Hin Loong, FINALLY.
It's been really long since we hung out ;)

We are NOT enjoying Jusco's sausages.


Nevertheless, my Valentine's Day was really nice as a whole.
Honestly, it was superb!

I love you :)

* * * * * *

Woke up the next day, tired, took a bus to school, was late and didn't wanna walk into the assembly hall and get embarassed.
So, I walked up to class and slept till all my classmates came back.

As soon as I was about to enjoy my nap, Linda shouted,
"MEL!! You're here, sleeping?? You embarassed me!!!"
I woke up abruptly, still blur on what's going on until she explained what happened in the assembly hall.

Well, it was actually the prize-giving ceremony for the sports we participated in.

"And the Champion for Javelin is.... MELISSA YAP KAH LAI!"
*student body cheers out loud which started to fade off when they can't seem to find that familiar big sized girl*
"Mmm....? A representative?"
* Fadilah and Puan Tan forces Linda up the stage, she was hesistant but she went anyway*
*student body laughs at Linda's skinny figure*
"Whoooo! Melissa slimmed down! Whooooo...."

"And the Champion for Shot Put is.... MELISSA YAP KAH LAI!"
* Fadilah and Puan Tan forces Linda up the stage AGAIN, she was hesistant but she went anyway*
*student body laughs HARDER at Linda's skinny figure AGAIN*
Principal : Hmm, Melissa didn't come ya? Nvm, next time it'll really be you okay? :)
Linda : Of course, hehe ;)

Then, my entire group of "Tug-Of-War" helped me receive my Gold medal and passed to Linda.


She threw me my Gold medals, three of 'em! :D :D :D
Felt slightly disappointed I didn't receive the medals myself though, but ohh well :)

Tapi tak boleh jual, heh.

Shot Put, Tug-OF-War, and Javelin :D

Biology tuition is always so awesome cause I've got a kickass teacher!

And most of the days in this week, it had been my first time driving to and fro school.
HEY! ;)

And we went to BK to celebrate my victory...?
Lol, nahhh.

* * * * * *

Had to wake up early again on a Saturday morning for my school's Sports Day.
It was held in Larkin Stadium.
Sighs, all I had to do was dress prettily and wear that official flower on the VIP.
That's it.

I don't think I could find my baju kurungs anywhere...
So I just wore my punjabi suit, hahaa.

Little did I know, the VIP that I had to attend to was Jon's father, Uncle Freddie!

After hanging around for a while, I couldn't take it any longer, and my heels were killing me.
So, I left early and missed the closing ceremony at 2PM.
But let's cut to the chase, THE YELLOW HOUSE WON!!!

My camera kinda died on me, so I'll just slot in new pics into this entry once my friends send them to me :)

Reached home and I got knocked out, my body's soooo tired.
My flu, sorethroat and cough is still there but thank goodness no more fever.
Had to wake up soon after cause Uncle Keng Nam was fetching me for band practice.

But before I could reach home....
BB called me excitedly, telling me some.... news.

* * * * * *

BREAD had given birth to FIVE puppies!
16 February 2008 puppies :D

Awww, they're so adorable... :)
For now, I'll let Bread be the proud new mummy she is now.
Hahaa, BB and I had come up with names too.
Could you even guess what we're gonna call them?

Yes Suey, we've got one reserved for you as promised :)

I'm the school's woman athlete with the most gold.
Bangga-nye :D

I wanna sleep.
Goodnight :)

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