Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tagged by some Drummer who's not very savvyTech.

What a noob.
He probably did this on purpose.
Benson, what about saving the world????!

Big sighs.
Here we go again.

* * * * * *


name 20 people u can think of :
1. Jerry Tan
2. Benson Yap
3. Celine Yap
4. Benroy Yap
5. Suvanya Sukumaran
6. Daniel Tan
7. Bradley Michael
8. Lynette Goh
9. Liew En Ai
10. Michelle Wong
11. Eunice Wong
12. Nicole Yap
13. Eunice Tan
14. Moses Elegant
15. Susanna Tan
16. Joanne Chong
17. Roxanne Chong
18. Dad
19. Mum
20. Grandma

How did you meet 14? [Moses Elegant]
When Daniel Tan brought me to CHC cell group, lol.
He was dark, tall and handsome, still is ;)

What would you do if you never met 1? [Jerry Tan]
One way or another, I'd find him or God would place us somewhere at the right time.
I'd be pretty incomplete :)

What if 9 and 20 are fated? [Liew En Ai & Grandma]
Fated to meet maybe :) soon, lol.

Will 6 and 14 date? [Daniel Tan & Moses Elegant]
LOL. A guy hangout perhaps. Otherwise... Uhh, I believe they love women, LOL.

Describe 3. [Celine Yap]
Some tough cookie, bossy, stubborn, very nice when she wants to - vice-versa [LOL], smart, someone who shares my flesh, blood, joy, sorrow, problems, views in life and crapping sessions, the best sister God ever gave me :)

Is 8 attractive? [Lynette Goh]
That goes without saying ;) HAWWT.

Decribe 7. [Bradley Michael]
My best friend whom I got to know together with my other bestie in primary school since we were 12 years of age. We're still the best of friends till now :)

Do you know 12's family members? [Nicole Yap]
Yeah of course, her family's my family, LOL. She's my aunt by the way.

What if 18 confess that he or she likes you? [Dad]
OMG. Uhh, let's look at it at another point of view... DADDY LOVES ME OKAY :D

What language does 15 speaks? [Susanna Tan]
English, Cantonese, Mandrin, Hokkien and Malay... I think that's it?

Who is going out with 9? [Liew En Ai]
My brother in law, Eujin. LOL.

How old is 16? [Joanne Chong]
Fifteen going on sixteen! :D
She's my very hawt cousin. Yes, we're related! xD

When did you last speak to 13? [Eunice Tan]
Wow, that was a very long time ago... when we last had dinner with the Yap and Tan family.

Who's 2 favourite singer?
Definitely not himself. None other than his obsession, Hayley Williams.

Would you date 4? [Benroy Yap]
Why not? He's my very leng zhai youngest brother k :) but with a 6 years difference, lol.
Don't worry BB, I'll never be too old for you ;)

Will you date 1? [Jerry Tan]
Definitely. If only dad allows us to though :)

Is 19 single? [Mum]
NO WAY. She's my daddy's okay! LOL.

What's 10 last name? [Michelle Wong]
Last name meaning surname [benson's a dummy]. So, it's Wong.

School of 3? [Celine Yap]
SMK Sinar Bintang I think, lol. Right behind my grandma's house.

Where does 6 lives? [Daniel Tan]
He's in Kampar, Perak right now.

What do you think of 5? [Suvanya Sukumaran]
I love her elmo laugh [never fails to get me xD], her sillyness that matches mine when we're together, our intellectual and not so smart conversations, how we click so easily though we've been BFFs for 7 years [though we met by destiny 8 years ago in a public speaking competition], and how that unexpecting Harry Potter book brought us into a malay conversation, our first conversation actually, LOL.

Have you seen 2 naked? [Benson Yap]
LOL, well since we were the closest siblings around before Celine and Benroy was born, we pretty much went through a lot of our silly adventures together around the house. We drove our mother mad, lol. We bathe a lot together, of course I have! But as we grew up, body parts have to be concealed from our sakit eyes okay... lol.

Benson's tag survey:
Choose five people to do the test:
1. Eunice Tham
2. Melissa (WAHAHAHAHA)
3. Celine
4. Bryan
5. Benroy

Ben, what's with the WAHAHAHAHA huh??
What are you trying to tell me hmmm???!

Mel's tag survey:
Choose five people to do the test:

No more tags, please. PLEASE.
I don't need to be pulled into your boredom, I'm not to blame!

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