Saturday, September 20, 2008

Public Speaking Competitions.

Today's BB's day to shine.
Well, he won as expected.
This was under Karnival Rancangan Khas,
meaning all the first classes from JB were picked to compete here.
Can you believe that my brother owned all the forms there,
including Form 6?

- Joke of the day -
[taken from a participant's impromptu speech]
mistakes are not corrected.

"We must work hard to sucsex (success)...
Like Albert Einstein who drew the Monalisa, invented helicopters and created computers..."


Yeah yeah - seen it, been there, done that.
It runs in this family.
Starting off with me, then Benson, Celine and now, Benroy.
Benroy truly owes it to me and Ben for helping him prepare his prepared speech.
"Smart Citizens Lead To A Civilized Nation".
What a lazy bum who's glued to his computer games.

Anyways, well done - you listened to me and isn't it useful when I told you about Bill Gates?
Hahaa... the impromptu speech was "Success".
It was held in SMK Johor Jaya 1, by the way.

Then we went to Jusco to get some groceries, and me some testpads and model STPM papers.
And guess who we met? :)

Sumin, at Guess as usual.
Lol, actually I didn't know she went back to work for another 2 months since it's her holidays now. So happy to see here again :)

And yes, it's her first time meeting my vainpot and talkative brother.
Hahahaa, she seemed entertained much... xD
We spent some time with her till we left.
I consider we made her day, yay! :D

I gotta get ready for Maths tuition now.
Gotta go! :)


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