Thursday, September 11, 2008

Temporary Hiatus.

Hey everyone :)

Yeah, the absence from my blog is simply inevitable as I'm still in the midst of my trials. The torment is going to continue till next week.

I've sat for my General Paper [it was okay].
And Chemistry... [I died that day]

And Biology 2... [could've done better as the topics I read didn't come out, oh no, lol]
And tomorrow's Biology 1... T.G.I.F :)

The next week we'll be having Maths.
Yeah I know, a lil' scared here...
Can't believe that STPM is less than two months away!

I'm doomed.

* * * * * *

On a lighter note to take this depression away...
This was the dress my aunt bought me :)
My very, very belated birthday present.

Hot red, I love love love it! :D

Yeah, we attended Guat Yee and Ching Chiat's wedding!

They looked great that night :)

Congratulations guys :)

Half of the room...

I was so satiated, lol.

* * * * * *
Children's Sunday held in church last Sunday was awesome!
All the time, money, energy and efforts I spent on the kids were worth it.
They did so well... Just looking at their faces working at it :)
Ahhhh, will update it sooooon!

And yes, I finally got the pictures from the KL trip!
I mean, when I went for the National Debate.
Will do it in the next post.


Everyone has seen my debate on RTM2 and I didn't even know about it!
It wasn't advertised, it wasn't published anywhere.
They just... aired it.

At about 1am-2am last Saturday.


Who's watching RTM2 at that hour??
Apparently, I didn't.
But others did.... why???

Big sighs.

But hey, the people who actually watched it couldn't help but feel that the decision was biased too. These were some of their comments... entirely not by me okay.

"I really don't know why they won..."
"One was a sissy, another guy was speaking spanish, and the teacher was passive"
"But you spoke so well, you were really good!"
"Ehh Mel, hebat lar... terrer siot..."

"The bapok was so ridiculous!"
"But hey, it's okay... you won best speaker anyways. You owned everyone there..."

I really hope they'll encore it again.
They encored the Malay Debate. Hopefully the English one too.
Really looking forward to it.

Alright, I need to go.
That's all for my updates.

Goodnight :)

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