Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bio Experiment: Mammalian Dissection.

We're ready.
Where are those big fat black rats?

What are these adorable hamster-like mice doing here??
They're so small!
How could we even kill them??


The MOE verified that those black and white mice carry diseases that could be contagious.
So, they sent us these small adorably cute mice that you usually adopt as pets.
And we had to kill them.

Nooo :(

Putting the rats to a deep sleep they won't wake up from :(
Chee Loong had the honours. We just couldn't do it.
From the running and hyper rats...

... To a slow moving and finally, a fainted bunch of rats.

Mickey, I'm so sorry... :(
*mel prays before doing anything*

... How the toot am I going to cut his perfectly intact body open...
.... I don't want to.

All I can tell you is that, I was only imagining what Sue Lynn would do to me when I finished this post.
LOL. Seriously!

People, this is not my will to dissect them.
But I'm a friggin' Biology student.
All of us have to do it whether we like it or not.
If we can't even handle a rat, what more you homosapiens later on in future?

So, these rats are contributing a great deal to us bio students.
And no, I'm not part of the Mars bars people that SueLynn's talking about.
They kill and torture them alive, daily.
I'm only gonna kill them once as they're deep in a sleep they won't wake up from.
Just this one time.

I'm done :(

The intestine's can go as far as 20cm.
Us human bodies, 20 feet or more.

Close up.
I did it carefully without damaging the blood veins and capillaries.
That's why you're having a very clear view without seeing blood streaming and flooding everywhere.

That thing there in the darkest red is the liver. It has four parts.
And yes, the heart was still beating but it's already dead.
It just shows us the myogenic system of the heart that beats automatically in rhythm on it's own eventhough it's already dead. And that orangy thingy that surrounds the heart is the lungs.

R.I.P. dear rats.

That's it.
The end.

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