Sunday, June 01, 2008

City Harvest Church's Breakaway Camp 2008.

People.... this is the view from my balcony :)


My roomies - Adeline and Grace :)

It's beautiful I know.

People gathering for telematch.

I've been waiting for so long to feel and smell the beach.
So long but finally :)

An accident.
I fell into a pit.
My foot sprained to the right side and cracked :(
Yes, the agony... ouch.

Praise and worship sessions.

Despite my injury, Benjamin Ong came and pleaded with me to choreograph a dance to FloRida-T-Pain's "Low". And because I was filled with God's overwhelming love, I choreographed the dance in about 20 minutes at about 2AM and taught the people the next day.

The dancers who signed up for the workshop.
BY God's grace, my foot was getting healed throughout the camp though I was dancing and jumping for Him :D
People don't even think I'm injured, LOL.

Feel the sand in your toes people!
Eric, me, Nelle, Steffi, Susanna and Ting Li.


Ting Li :)

My B-Boy boys wanna take a pic with me.
Bob and Anson - aww :)
All my girlfriends say, "Hey!".


Kayak-ing anyone?? :D

Eric, me, BB and Ah Mau :D

Breakaway, just to experience a breakthrough.

With Chris, awww :)
People, we're 100% chinese k.
NO mix, LOL.

The drama team - Nat's our director.
Dead people at 3AM.
I'm a mother to some rebellious daughter but we worked things out, hehe.

Performed at service, the dance and drama was good.
Everything worked out great :)

And so now I'm home from camp.
And I miss them :(

I took off my bandages and this is what my foot look like now...

You can see my leg curving into my ankle which is swelling up.
It's still a lil' agonizing.

It's so weird to see my leg expanded like this.
Now I'm wondering how I could dance, hop and do whatever I did.
I can stand like normal still..

I guess my leg tissues are torn and maybe my veins twisted.
God has amazingly healed me in such a short amount of time.

And yes people, if you don't believe me that Christ is in our very body,
go google LAMININ. I'm serious, GO.
In the 'Darling of the Universe', within the core of it has a CROSS too!

You tell me it could be just a coincidence.
But if coincidences happen too often, I tell you that it's no longer a coincidence.
It is something you ought to know.
It's in our very being, our Lord is truly great :)

Melissa Yap.



-stephaniie- said...

ehhh! I so miss church camps :(
glad you had fun! :D

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

awww, thanks sweets!
i had fun.


foot still stiff though.


you complete me :)