Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rude Malaysian.

In a public bus - 3 buddies had no seats and were standing in a bus.

Haikal : Fuhh, it's so hot today!
Mel : Omg, I'm damn hot...
Shariff : WTH, what you said again Mel?
Mel : I said... I'm feeling very hot. It's the baju kurung okay.
Haikal : No, you said you're "hot"...
Mel : Uhh?? No, no! I didn't mean it that way...

Three of us lol-ed together - we were speaking in a moderate-tone mind you.
When suddenly an alien voice intruded the lol-ness.

Brat : OYY, diam lah!

Mel : Ehh shh, what's that?
Noticed a malay man, mid 20s, wearing shades, who sat down at my left side.
I had a feeling it was him, so I talked in a clearer voice.
Mel : Who was that person huh? He think he owns the bus is it?

Proving my prediction to be right, that malay man spoke to himself again.

Brat : POK PEK, POK PEK, POK PEK.... bising betul lah!

Haikal was annoyed by that brat and stood up for me by speaking to himself loudly.

Haikal : Nak peace and quiet ambillah taxi. Ewww, pakai cermin mata tu ingat dia hensem ke? Please... fashion disaster, there's no sun in here. Untuk pengetahuan dia, ini bas awam, tak tahu AWAM ke? *talk-to-the-hand-gesture* Please...

That idiot mumbled to himself about us speaking in english and dozed back to sleep.
But he said nothing when we spoke in malay, which showed his dislike for english-speaking people. And while sleeping, he raised his feet up on to a barried next to where people need to hold the poles for support. What a jackass. He think he's the king of that freaking bus. He was also cuddling with his man-friend sleeping right next to him who does the same thing. Noobs.

When he woke up, he didn't see me because I was already seated right next to another person away from his sight, but we were still on the same row. And he and his friend started talking loudly in the bus like some &^%$#@! I could just roll my eyes, tak nak cari gaduh.

Then the person who sat next to me got down the bus, exposing me to that brat. So this time he didn't have his shades on, looked at me and then looked at me properly this time. I mean, he was looking at me up and down continuosly.

Then he started smiling, staring and flirting.


I had no time to layan idiots like this.
It took forever for my bus stop to arrive when he was doing that.
But I'm so glad that was over.

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