Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I love you, Dad.

On the very same day of our International Understanding Day,
I rushed to church right after the event for the Father's Day service.

Apparently, dad and bb participated in the
"Father-and-Son Look Alike" Contest,
and they won FIRST PRIZE!

Lol, actually... we should thank Susanna who secretly grabbed that picture of my dad and bro from my Friendster and submitted it for us... xD

Guess what we won??
RM60 worth of good food at Fridays!

I've never been to T.G.I.F.'s before.


I was too happy indulging in the appetizers and entrees till I totally forgot to take pictures.
Call me jakun, whatever... lol!
And since my digicam rosak, all I had was my phone with bad camera quality...
I tried my best to get a good shot with that friggin' quality but...
Oh nevermind, at least I have some pictures of desserts! :D

Cookies and ice-cream!

People, looks small right?
It's damn filling I tell you!

It was our first time, and it was fabulous :D

Happy Father's Day, Dad.
we love you :)

* * * * * *
Yeah, I was too busy to upload pics when my sister came down...
SO here it is! :D

Sisters' day out.
Ini adik aku selepas menonton Narnia : Prince Kaspian.
We still think that the espanyol guy isn't very handsome.
And he has pretty unconvincing acting skills, lawl... xD
Even the second brother was cuter and better!

And Prince Kaspian's attempt on courting was so LAME.
We kinda wanna barf... it was just very "eww" lar.
We prefer the eldest brother still, HAHA.

People kept asking if I had make up on.
Yes I did, but only for the eyes.
I'm not wearing foundation or lip gloss on.
It's natural "bebeh".


I miss you darl :(
See you next week at Ah Wai Kor's wedding.
Geez man, he's finally getting married!

... which also means I can't attend this year's Festival of Arts :(
Sighs, broke my record of attending FOA for 4 years straight.
Sorry to disappoint you Gwee!

Muka orang stress dengan pimple-pop-ups-bonanza.
Results during the I.U. Day preparation.

P.S. to all my people who's wondering why I'm not blogging about I.U. Day :
Sabarlah pembaca-pembacaku.
Aku masih tengah collecting gambar-gambar daripada orang ramai.
Thanks to my spoilt digicam with no LCD screen....

And to those who actually took pictures that day, PLEASE send it to me.

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