Saturday, June 07, 2008

Doreen's Sweet Sixteen & Blackmail :)

We had great time!
Great food, great fun :D

And of course, it was twice as fun cause I had sis with me again :D
She came down for the holidays... 3 days only though :(

Sisters for life :D

Love :)

And yes... blackmail.
*evil laughs*

"Taaash maai badddiiii! Tasssshh my baaadyyy...."

Basketball in the pool.

Best friend baru.

What are you doing??

"Mama.. I pee-ed".

Sexaaay pose by Bryan Yong.

"Wuuuuwuuuu.... my ball is spinning!"

Getting wet and catching up :D

BB and Doreen :)

Ohh, someone's relaxing...
wriggling toes somemore xD

Hi mum :)

Chat, chat, chat...

As tempting as the water was... I just couldn't resist.

One toe... two toes....


* * * * * *

At the end of the night, it was decided that BB and I stay over at Bryan's place while my parents send my sister back to KL.
Sniff sniff, it was too short :(

But anyways, we stayed over for the weekends cause we were also helping aunt Nerissa with worship by being her musicians for Sunday service.
We had great fun! :D

Hahaa, I swam for hours... as long as I could!
Did many laps, trained my breathing capacity by swimming from one end to another with only one breath.... lol, I thought I lost it!
Mel was a very, very happy girl :D

On Sunday, while having my last swim...
There was this girl who also came to the pool together with her elder sister and younger brother. Then after a while, she asked me if I was the one who played the bass guitar in FOA.... xD

Awww :)

What a small world I tell ya!
That was the first time I met Jasmine from Convent :)
Nice meeting you girl.
Ohh ohh, and it was also our first time going to CoffeeTrap in Permas Jaya!
Well, Erica's mum owned the place and they invited us to go.
So we had a nice experience there... haha.

I thought it was a restaurant/bistro that I was going to... until I went it.
It had a nice setting, but it was very pub-ish like.
I was like, okaaay... I'm bringing BB to a pub. Guilty, lol.
Well, none of us knew anyways! It was Bryan's and my first time there too.

When the dancefloor was open, aunt Nerissa invited me to the dancefloor to dance with her.
And while we were jiving away, some American dude who really looked like the Maroon 5's lead singer, REALLY, came and cut in between us and started dancing with me. I couldn't really tell Aunt Nery's expression, LOL...

Since we were dancing to a fast song, I didn't really mind lar... but after that he started getting pretty close, I was like okay, still nevermind... until he tried to touch/feel me man.
Okay lar, that was it.
I pushed the fella away and walked back to my seat.
I'm not gonna do this.... in front of my bro... LOL.


Don't worry lar, our parents know where we went.
They picked us up from there.

I wanna thank Aunt Nerissa for taking care of me and Benroy while we stayed there.
You gave us great hospitality and we thoroughly enjoyed our retreat in your loving home ;)

Well that's about it.
Goodnight! :D

Siblings still short of one member.

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