Saturday, August 18, 2007

Holidays :)

Oooh my tests are finally overrr!
Sighs, honestly, I think I did pretty bad.

Ever experienced sudden re-scheduling for your tests?
Chemistry that was supposed to be at the end of school became the first thing in the morning, while Biology that was supposed to be the first thing in the morning [ which was what I was reading and concentrating on ], would be taken nearing the end of school.

Great isn't it?
I'm so gonna flunk.

OH well, it's done with. And here are the holidays, wOOt!

Other than that, I've been studying my arse off in school, there's just too much distractions for me at home, lol. Really. I can't go anywhere in my house that has a conducive studying environment. Five other people under this roof are everywhere under this small building. Lol.
Oh, plus my dog outside the porch.

In my school, since I'm in the Biology class, we're next door to the Physics class and we're really jiran-jiran yang beramah mesra, as in we constantly visit each other's classes.

And this is the Physics' class favourite pass time:

Observe the only contrasted-coloured guy, hehe.
He's my friend Sharwin, a very good chinese-chess player for an indian ;)
This, my friends, is the Form Six life.
Four-flat results arr guys? Lol.

Well, before this update, we: Sue, Brad, my siblings and I went out together to celebrate Brad's birthday, he came back all the way from KL okay.

He had a blast on his birthday :D

We had fun watching Rush Hour 3, oh gosh, it was hilarious!
THE NUMBER 1 ranked movie in the U.S people :D

[ edited the movie poster cause I didn't really fancy the movie posters available for downloads, this one looks better :D ]

Those scenes were superbly humourous by the way!
Especially when Chris was talking to Master Yu and Mi alongside, LOL.

wOOt!We wanted to catch The Simpsons but the screening was a wee bit too late for us who had curfews. We had a blast anyways, caught up with each other, we had fun :)


Sue's showing off her new phone that looks exactly like his ;)
When will I get a new phone of my own?? :(

Friends forever! :D

So later on, we went over to Starbucks and waited for dad while he did his stuff. It was great hanging out again, we had so much to catch up with one another.

Aku nak habiskan during hols boleh tak?

<--- I like this pic, mwahahaa.

Cheerleading has been cancelled due to the big group of people who suddenly backed out, and things can't work out. Sighs, oh well... it was fun while it lasted.
Actually.. I'm pretty happy about the fact that I don't have to wear those short skirts, LOL.
I hardly wear decent short skirts out, and you want me to dance in shorter skirts and dance with pom poms?


If I had a nice body, we can talk about it.
We'll come back to this subject when I get that figure, lol.
Nevertheless, the hip-hop routine is still on!
There'll be practice later at 2PM and dear Moses will come get us :D

Feel the lurrrve!

Oohh, I wanna go out and watch The Simpsons during this hols, can?? :D
I miss you...

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