Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yes, I'm here yet again to apologize for my absence.
Truly sorry, blame the exam period.
Alright Suph, I'm sorry kay?

Here's to Suph :)

- SETARA starting on the 29th of Oct.
- MUET for 2nd bathches, 3rd & 6th Nov.
- I'm afraid of not being up to expectations.
- Not really prepared nor confident. Gosh, I'm gonna flunk! :/
- PERTINA's Jamuan next Saturday night. Theme is "Datuk & Datin".
WTH? O.o
Still not sure of what songs to perform. Haven't even pay for that blardy compulsary ticket. LOL.
- Lower Six is already stressful, don't wanna think about Upper Six yet.
- I love Omega's Chemistry tuition. I love Madam Koh! :D
- I love the bass effect pedal darling gave me... :) it rocks!
- I need some essentials like money. Kechiing!
- I miss ALL my friends... :(
- I'm putting on weight, NOOOOOO! :( :( :(

Sis is now working with Roxy and Quiksilver.
So, she asked me to try a few clothes in Roxy, which didn't really pick my fancy.
But anyways, I snapped this...

Something Mel wouldn't wear out.
Can't, or rather, shouldn't.

The few days have been lovely! eventhough I really should be kissing my books and doing countless exercises. I'm afraid that I've been cutting myself some slack during these Raya holidays...
Erm, gaahh ohh fine... a lot.


P.S: I really NEED a pair of new jeans, geez.

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