Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Lunar New Year in KL

First of all...

Semua orang pun sama-sama dapat holiday...
Except for those who wished to get paid
double during this season.

Oooh, before going up to KL, Jackson, Kristen, Ivan, honey and myself went to the theaters for Inkheart :)
Not too bad, quite interesting.

I brought myself to imagine if silvertongues really existed...
Mampus lar this dunia.

Managed to spend time with his family before we left for KL :)

Erika, me and Kristen :)

Erika and me :)

Darling and I went up to KL together and we got to spend this lunar year with my entire family, hehee. So let me just post some pics :)

Having lunch at Aunt Maria's house.

After dinner at Amma's...

Benson, Celine, Benroy, darling and myself went.
Our favourite game for now.

The owner of the cyber cafe was so impressed that Celine and I were enjoying the game and laughing our heads off. He seemed puzzled looking at us play while spectating the CC...

Owner: Playing Left 4 Dead? Girls wor..?
Us: Yeah.. Girls cant play meh?
Owner: No lah, last time got 4 girls play L4D and always scream like mad...
Us: Hahaa...

I can imagine the heart attacks they always almost encounter. You see, everyone has their own headphones, so the CC's sound pollution is controlled. Except for some, I mean, most gamers who keeps cursing and swearing while playing their games... So, with the girls screaming so randomly, loudly and all of a sudden, the owner and his workers always have to be prepared, lol.

Being so amused with our presence, the owner kept coming over to our table and watching from behind, giving us new tips, tricks and etc. He even bragged that he finished the entire game. Even his workers found it entertaining watching us play from the back, so they kept coming over... lol.

When we were about to leave, the owner said this was the first time he watched girls playing L4D without screaming, and asked us to come back and play again next time. Hahahaa...

The next day, we went to Berjaya Times Square to do some shopping!
ALL for RM10 Shop! OMG, I love it! Great tops for a great price!
We're so gonna go back to do more shopping next year :)

Then later at night, we had "lou sang".

Lou ah, lou ah.... Say all the good stuff...



We had two tables.... one table tak cukup, hahahaa.
Our family's very productive :)

Enjoying our family bonds :)

Mum and dad :)

The next day, we had dim sum!
Tai Thong Restaurant if I'm not mistaken...

Very good dim sum...

Very, very tasty dim sum... heheee....

And also yin yong :)

We've grown fat eating so much in KL, lol.

Amma here loves our company too :)

Darling and Ah Sun Jie :)

Mum and dad :)

This thing have been a bad distraction at the table for two days.
My brothers Benson and Benroy have been getting pretty obsessed with it, trying to solve at the fastest time.

See what I mean? :/

Very satisfied with our brunch :)

Sis and I :)

Not forgetting....


No one wanted to play it, at first.
I was very hesitant.
Ah Sun Jie bought it 2 years ago but never found the company to open it with.
So, we did the honours.

We got caught up with it and end up playing it together as a family till the wee hours of the morning. LOL. I owned everyone in the first night. Benson owned the second night, I came in 2nd. Not bad, I kept up my rep, lol. It went on so long cause everyone stepped up to their game and the negotiation parts with the luck of the dice kept us going.

What a laugh. Entertaining, surprisingly :)

And by the way, this is a good movie!
Darling said it didn't entertain him that much cause it lost a lot of its action-pack quality, more on romance instead. But I found it great to watch, go catch it :)

Okay, that's all for my update....
Goodnight! :)


ezra said...

Just read the post. A Blessed Chinese New Year Mel! =)

Too bad I don't have holidays this year. XD

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

blessed chinese new year to you too!

no holidays??


you complete me :)