Monday, February 23, 2009

Triple tagged by my siblings!

Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:

1. My younger brother, the 2nd child among us four.
2. He's eighteen going on nineteen.
3. Dark, tall and handsome ;) - don't kembang Ben.
5. Obsessed with Paramore. And Haley Williams -.-"
6. Can be pretty temperamental and emotional.
7. My favourite person to jam with :) ...really.
8. He's most fluent with the drums and guitar.
9. He's still trying to master his vocal skills, haha.
10. I couldn't thank God for a better younger brother than he already is :)

1. My younger sister, the 3rd child among us four.
2. She's sixteen going on seventeen.
3. Dark, average and pretty - please, don't kembang.
5. Obsessed with random cute guys, lol.
6. A pretty sensitive girl, hahaa.
7. My one and only blood sister that shares my girly-girl stuff :)
8. Prefers dancing over music instruments.
9. Considered the most brilliant in academics among us siblings ;)
10. I couldn't thank God for a better younger sister than she already is :)

1. My youngest brother, the youngest among us all.
2. He's thirteen going on fourteen.
3. Fair, going-to-be-taller, and cute - lol, you don't expand too.
4. VAIN, VAIN, VAIN and filled with shameless self-praise... xD
5. Can be very obsessed with anime, hehe. Like "Bleach".
6. Tends to be pretty headstrong in conversations.
7. Mature for his age, can share intellectual conversations with him.
8. He plays the drums and a lil bit of piano - he can sing too! :)
9. Resembles me the most, compared to Ben or Celine who resemble each other more.
10. I couldn't thank God for a better youngest brother than he already is :)

The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/herself:

1. I love my family and friends! :)
2. I'm going to be TWENTY on April 12. Get me a gift! :D
3. I'm quite slow to anger. Hehe ;)
4. I can talk a lot. Or be pretty quiet. Depends.
5. I'm thinking of cutting my hair again. And my first dye too :)
6. Benson said he feels immature when he's around me, hahaha!
7. A very detailed and determined person. A pretty lenient perfectionist, lol.
8. I love children :)
9. I dislike conflicts and arguments. I discuss them and make sure it's settled before the day's over. I don't like carrying grudges and anger to the next day. Even the bible said that we shouldn't let our anger set with the sun. Haha, God's pretty humorous.
10. Consider myself a strong woman ;) - emotionally compared to physically.

At the end, you have to choose 10 people to tag and write the names out:
- I ain't tagging anyone. Nyah-hah.

And Benson sent me this...
Check it out.

You're awesome / Get Well / Happy Graduation / You're Fired.

WTH -.-"


Benroy Yap said...

Im not vain...=.="

and btw..ur slow to anger part....
*burst in laughter* WAHAHAHAH

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

yes, you are! :D

i said "quite" right???


you complete me :)