Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hanging out :)

Hot dim sum in Johor Jaya.
Very packed.

Uncle Greg: "Mai tan!"

Aunt Jolayne and Jolisa.

Jesse, Josiah and Joshua.

And of course, Jayden hiding behind his mum.

Early in the morning, my parents, Benson and I joined the Tweedies for home church and fellowship. We had some great dim sum at Johor Jaya, and then headed back to their house.

After spending some time with them, Ben and I joined Jerry, his aunt Aliena, and his cousins Erika and Jacky to do some shopping.

So we went to the Nike, Adidas, Al-Ikhsan and Reebok factory outlet where they were having a 70% discount clearance stock. Jacky needed a pair of new shoes, so we went to have a look.

Benson regretting he had no cash with him at all, lol.

So this was how he vent his anger and dissatisfaction...

Geez Ben... :/

Okay, he's finally done.
Headed to Jusco Taman Universiti.

Honey, what are you doing...? :)

Awww, so cute :)

Then we came across some shirts for dogs...




* * * * * *

The next day, we decided to go swimming at Hin Loong's place :D
I haven't swam in ages!
Hin Loong have been staying there since last year but he never even swam in his own pool before... lol.

Lazy lor.

Benson and Hin Loong plotting against Jerry...

Awww, so bad.... xD

Hey, check the videos out!
Have a laugh, enjoy.

Ramly Burger! Hahaaa....
We were gonna have that after swimming...

Benson getting killed by Hin Loong, lol.

Hin Loong dying after being saved, I think.

Okay, we're done here...

Guess what, the Ramly stall wasn't opened, tough luck.
So, we resorted to the normal "mamak".
Hin Loong and I had a painful stomachache after having nan...
Just great. He was in such pain till he had to go to the doctor.
Don't worry, I didn't, and we're both fine now.

The kitty that was begging Benson for food... cute, no?

The boys' favourite past time.... Dota-ing -.-"

Engrossed as usual...
That's about it.
Ciao! :)

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