Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Butterfly Award - coolest blog I've ever known.

i don't think this person who created this PNG
knows his english well enough, lol.

Alven Chan:
"The amount of effort she puts into a blogpost is admirable."

Jason Lee:
"The reason why my internet cap is at its limit is because of her blog. Its long with TONS of pics. but this is some1 who has achieved a lot in virtually every category, be it singing, performing, debating.... wonder woman!"

I wanna thank these two people who nominated me for this award, lol. I'm not sure who else did. I really do apologize for my PhotoBlog that made your computers lag all the time, but hey, that really didn't stop you guys from coming back visits after visits! :D After what Jason said, I minimized my posts from 15 to 5 per page okay, LOL.

Though most of you don't leave a comment or even say "hi", you'd only tell me you've been visiting anonymously- the counter at the bottom shows too, SO DO COMMENT! Thank you, thank you so much and do keep them digits rolling!

The Butterfly Award is an award awarded to 10 bloggers that have a cool blog. Whenever one is nominated, they are required to also award to 10 other bloggers he/she knows.

Once accepting this award, the rules are as follow:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

*In no particular order*

  • Celine Yap
    - she's my blood sister and we keep each other updated since we're so far away.

  • Benson Yap
    - he's my younger blood brother. Like Celine, they're both together in KL and I check in to see what he's crapping about, lol. For a recent example, check out how he relates his hair legs to koko krunch - damn bored fella.

  • Benroy Yap
    - my youngest blood brother, he's thirteen and he blogs. Now you must be wondering why I'm being so gory with "blood" today... lol.

  • Daniel Tan
    - he's my bestie who's blogging in Perak now. Since we're so far away, he keeps us updated with his random wit, emo rants and whatever he's into now. Hahaa.. xD

  • Alven Chan
    - as dark as he and his blog may look, don't be fooled. He's one of the nicest guys I've ever known. Sorry to ruin your rep Alven, LOL.

  • Alan Pang
    - this guy writes random crap that makes me LMAO sometimes. As influential as he always is, so is his blog ;)

  • Seow Wei-Xun
    - this bouncy turtle here loves to write "good" stuff to read. Most crappily funny, but good stuff! Check him out :)

  • Philip Pang
    - he's not really brown... but why brown buttons, hmm. Don't go there, lol. He's got interesting posts and creative ideas, like his "now&then" birthday photo. Like his brother Alan said, people may be following suit soon.

  • Leong Hin Loong
    - he updates mainly on his daily ramblings, girls and events... and more girls... with funny captions or stupid jokes. LAWL.

  • Lynette Goh
    - my other bestie who updates from Australia. She's scaring the Australians off her path with some horrid demonic make-up and witch-like laughter. Scary enough. ROFLMAO.

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