Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Birthday Surprise For Sis, A Car For Me :)

And so, Benson and Yen Fah accompanied me to KL to collect my car!
Hahaa, it's a second-hand Kancil that my aunt's been using.
She's getting a new MyVi now, so she's giving this silver car up.

All credit goes to Yen Fah who helped me buy this car.
Thank you so much!!! :)

Turn to my left, sleeping with earphones.

Turn to my right, Ben with headphones.
I've got not ear or headphones, no mp3.
Sniff sniff, lol... kesian-nye.

When we reached Bukit Jalil... [lol, so close to my previous home]
contacted PekPek, dad's eldest bro and Nicole, my aunt.
They picked us up and went to JPJ.
We were so afraid that they closed early because it was still the Raya celebrations on Friday. Thank goodness it was still in business but it doesn't open till 2.30PM.
So Pek Pek brought us for lunch at a branch of Ipoh Road's Yong Tau Fu.
Very nice :)

Jason, my Pek Pek.
Thank you so much for helping me with the transaction :)

When we went back, the place super packed and we had about 40+ people ahead of us -.-"
And so we waited, with a lot of drama in the process.
It was unnecessary but hey, phases like these happen in life.
Perhaps, people weren't thinking straight/wisely and let emotions butt in.
Regardless, I still loved him though he said hurting words.

Anyways, all is forgiven and settled.
It was a long day and everyone was tired.
At about 5.30PM, the transaction and everything was finally done.
The car is officially released and it's mine :)

Finally, we headed HOME!
I couldn't wait :D
Couldn't wait to see grandma and sis especially.
Sis couldn't wait to see Yen Fah, LOL.

Nicole with Chan Wan, her fiance and sis.
With my car at the back, hahaa.

Yen Fah and sis :)
She said that the "KLCC" had finally arrived, lol.

The three of them, Nicole, Chan Wan and sis was about to leave for her birthday surprise.
Heard that they brought her to Chillis... T.T
And she laughed her butt off to some Japanese comedians in a live theatre.
She had a blast apparently.

While they were out...
We spent time at home chatting with grandma, spending time with her, she took time to know Yen Fah, and also watched all her Hokkien and Cantonese dramas with her, lol.
Later, Ben and Yen Fah brought grandma and I out for dinner :)
We had a good time chatting and enjoying the food.

I was very happy for one :)
Very happy that grandma finally met him.
All those talks grandma and I had everytime we met before this, telling her about him, and she asking questions about him... I've always hoped that she'd be able to meet him and see what and how he's like :) and my wish came true.

When grandma got me alone, translation from cantonese, these were her remarks:
"Wow, not bad not bad... Very handsome... Most important of all, he's got a good heart..."
A few words, but it meant a lot to me :)

*smiling from ear to ear*

Following the birthday plan, we secretly forked out our cash [again] and got her a black-forest chocolate cake. During the long wait of her return, we just played chess and checkers...
LOL. I owned of course... xD

And when she came back.... TADAAA!
She was really happy... actually she was already very happy...
We just made her... happier! :D :D :D

"Happy birthday to youuuu..."

OYY, cepat laarrr!
16 candles melting very fast... very fast...

Her sweet sixteen.
It bet it was very sweet indeed :)

FYI people, I cut her cake EVERY year.
Without fail, lol...!
I came all the way from JB to cut her cake... awww :)
See, people come to kacau me already...

Shot from her cam.

People just love to kacau me when I'm cutting the cake...
They can't wait I think, lol...
This is Ken Boy, my cousin :)

Chan Wan doesn't wanna leave cause he enjoys kacau-ing...
I mean, accompanying me...

My beloved siblings, Ben and Celine.
With a lame pose.

Yen Fah and me :)

Dia sayang aku :)
She better, lol.

Grandma, Ken Boy, Mun Yi [Ken Boy's sis] and Nicole.
All there for the mini celebration we had :)

* * * * * *
We left home, saying our last goodbyes...
We want to come back again for Chinese New Year :)
Christmas for me!

Left at about 6AM and it was seriously raining cats and dogs...
This kancil is already 13 years old, so it overheats easily.
But thank God, there were no serious breakdowns of any sort.
We just had to drive at an optimum speed without speeding recklessly.
Then it'll go smoothly without overheating.

Ben wanted to rush home cause he promised to meet Kim and Karyn.
Girls, if you're reading this...
Ben was really all out to come back, man... he was literally desperate.
LOL, so appreciate him more k :)

He was so determined to get back early that he didn't even wanna alternate drivers with Yen Fah or me, lol. He WANTED to stay on the wheel till he got home.
Hahaa... takut we delay his time kot, lol.

Throughout the entire journey, God was definitely watching us.
We ran out of petrol but there were no petrol stations nearby.
By His grace, we managed to come by Petronas across the road.

Then we had to find some kind of corong to pour it in.
In the midst of preparing, a Plusliner vehicle came to our aid and they already had a ready-cut coke bottle to help us out. Wishing Selamat Hari Raya, we were on our again.

Thank the Lord that it wasn't one of those criminals who are out to get you on the highways.
You know, like some tragic cases you've been hearing about.
God was really watching us.

Home sweet home :)
Everything was alright, better in fact.

Ben apologized for everything, and so did I.
We still love each other very much, and should think wisely next time.
He even mentioned how understanding Yen Fah was and told me not to hurt him, LOL.
They had some guy-talk in the car that he don't wanna tell me about, lol.
Ben said that he knew he was a good guy ever since we were friends 3 years ago.

Alls well, ends well.

And by the way, this happened last Friday :)
Today's Celine's REAL birthday, so...

You're officially sixteen!
I love you...

P.S: I love you too :)


you complete me :)