Monday, August 17, 2009

Of recent happenings.

Sorry for lack of updates, I'll make it brief :)

Managed to meet up with En Ai :)

Jerry bought me a purple Marilyn Monroe dress.

Benson came down for the holidays.

Jerry brought us to Domino's Pizza to give it some hope.

Benson says I look fat in this pink shirt :(

I love him very much :)

We performed an acoustic play at SDJ's International Understanding Day @ Hotel Selesa.
What A Wonderful World, Ocean Avenue and What Hurts The Most.

We met Bryan there after ages!

I made this girl cry from our performance.

The two enjoyed dissing bad performances.
Very pissed-off people.

We didn't eat much.
Tak ada selera.

We met Yolanda for the first time.

We enjoyed the sketch the most.
That's about it, peace out!


Jellydreamer said...

Haha good also keeping things brief, but I am not used to looking at not so organized photo. Some left and some right ,adoiii. You look good in that pink shirt, and that photo with Benson, you look good, dont worry.
Love you.

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

hahaha okay thanks :)
love you too.


you complete me :)