Tuesday, March 10, 2009

STPM Results :(

I've tried my best.
And this is all I've got :(

I know some loved ones are not happy with me though they're not saying it.
Maybe because I can feel their dissatisfaction.
But I can't stress how badly the paper was last year.

It was horrendous! :(
There were so many new unexpected formats and styles.
It left many of us clueless and blank in many questions, big sighs.

Here's what NST reported:
STPM results: More passes but fewer who scored straight As

I just feel upset.
Upset that I'm never good enough.
Upset that I've never meet up to those expectations.

As much as I feel like a failure right now, not all is lost.
I DID improve a lot in this final result!
Compared to the days were I'd fail 3 subjects in a row... :/

I'm still capable of applying for the Physiotherapy course in Nanyang Polytechnic.
I was always interested in that, but I couldn't apply for it with my SPM cert cause it was only for A Level or STPM holders. So, here goes.

And thank the Lord, I still can fulfill the requirements with this cert.
My SPM's Elementary Maths and Add Maths is 2 and 6.

So, we'll see where the Lord leads.
Keep praying for me.

That's all for today.


The World's Real Ruler said...

halo mellisa..rmb me??i m chee how frm SMK permas jaya...(the school that become ur ..'temporary sanctuary' for 2007)..haha..
ya,u managed to get an A for PA, thumbs up for that..jz go through your blog saying that u goin to singapore POly?? hehe, i tink u shud be ok for that...yaya,jz enjoy the life after STPM...anyway..hehe,accidentally came here...den saw a familiar face...and a familiar name...hehe...

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

lol, of course i remember you!
accidentally? how?

^^_Transformer_BumBle_Bee_^^ said...

hi, hehe, accidentally chance...ya..erm, my new blog is
come and visit ya..behli nice lah...
haha,no lah, jz see many people around the world born with blog, so jz join join and play play...hehe,,jz created yesterday...haha, gt nothing to do, just play for fun...hehe


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